"Leylines"   mixed media on canvas                               "Granite"  mixed media on canvas 

1,00 m x 1,40 m     520 GBP                                                              1,00 m x 1,40 m      540 GBP                                




"Blaze" mixed media on canvas

0,80 m x 1,00 m     480 GBP



           "Under the surface" mixed media on canvas

            0,76 m x 1,00 m     470 GBP

"Cornish sea" mixed media on canvas

0,60 m x 1,00 m     470 GBP


Cornwall and its special light and landscape has always been attracting artists from all over the world. The sea and the unique landscape has been significant, both for inspiration and as a subject for paintings. I always felt inspired after a walking day on the coastal path or through the moors and some of my paintings above show the result. The granite rocks with orange and yellow lychen, the old field boundaries at Morvah and Zennor and also the tin mining area have their own beauty and there is so much more to admire.

Should you like more details to my above-shown pieces of art, please do not hestitate to contact me, thank you!


Combining my passion for walking and being creative leads to a new offer with Morvah Schoolhouse Gallery: walking & painting at a very special place.


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